We are a company in Costa Rica dedicated to renting aircraft to private pilots for recreational purposes, practice, increasing the number of hours and gaining more experience.

Cesnna 182A / Skyline /

Our C182 retains its basic six-pack of instruments, a new and updated AV30, Garmin GPS, a JPI, headset connections in all 4 spaces, LED lights on the panel and a USB port.


  1. Licencia de PPl emitida por la DGAC.
  2. Examen médico al dia.
  3. Pasar chequeo con nuestros instructores. (costó instructor no incluido en tarifa)
  • Costo $275 hora Hobb
  • Chequeo $ 50 por hora.
  • Pagos con tarjeta de créditlso se aumenta un 10%.
  • Una ves pasó el cheque coordinamos por este medio los días que lo quiere volar.


    1. Privet licenses validated by the DGAC Costa Rica.
    2. Pass the checkide with our check pilots.
    3. Current medical exam.
    Required Documents.
    • Copy fo the license front and back.
    • Passport size picture.
    • Copy of the medical front and back.
    • Copy of the passport.
    • Copy of the last pages of the logbook.
    • Completed application from.
    • Email for answers.
    • Picture of your firm.
    Flight cost: USD$275 Hour/Hobb.
    Checkride cost: USD$50 per hour.
    License validation process cost: USD$50 
    Payment by Credict card + 15% tax.


    Aranjuez Air Park


    (+506) 8520-2171


    Aranjuez of Pitahaya in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

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