Costa Rica vacations

Costa Rica is an amazingly diverse country, unlike anywhere else in the world. The country features a wide array of attractions including scores of beautiful beaches along both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, rainforests teaming with exotic wildlife, cloud forests that seemingly disappear into the sky, and active volcanoes with hot springs. Within Costa Rica, there are twelve distinct climate and life zones. These zones provide habitat for nearly 4% of Earth’s species making it one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. The people of Costa Rica are just as beautiful as the country, ever warm and welcoming.

Knowing when to travel to Costa Rica and where to go can be the difference in sunny skies or torrential down pours during the majority of your trip. The time of year you travel can also have a large impact on the total cost of your trip or the availability of certain tours. These factors were all taken into consideration when we wrote this article. Click on the link to learn more about when to travel to Costa Rica.

Monteverde is the most well-known cloud forest destination in the world. This area is a birdwatchers paradise as it is home to Resplendent Quetzals, Bellbirds and Emerald Toucanettes. Birdwatchers come from all over their world for a chance at spotting these beautiful and rare species. Monteverde is also home to the best canopy ziplines in the world, with some of the longest, highest and fastest courses. Click on the links to read more about Monteverde.
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