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Aranjuez Airpark

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    “Wow, I honestly had no idea what to expect when we decided to skydive in Costa Rica but let me tell you this was the place to do it! And the jump itself….all I can say is if you haven’t done it you need too!.”

    Kacie AlexSkydiving

    “This place made our first experience  The road that leads back to the airpark area was beautiful, with families and houses all around.Our pilot was very welcoming and made us feel at home. The plane ride led us to the coast side so we go to see islands and the beauty that is Costa Rica. “

    Lucy AlvaresPlane tour


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    Aranjuez Airpark Tours is a full service tour company in Costa Rica offering a wide range of aerial tours in Costa Rica: plane tours, skydiving, paratriking, girocopters and also offers transport services from our Airpark in Aranjuez (Puntarenas) and throughout Guanacaste.
    All of our Tours offers fully bilingual pilots and instructors who are very excited to show you the best that Costa Rica has to offer from the Sky. Our team are a great staff who run a very professional business which has been operating in the area for nearly 20 years!

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    How to get the Aranjuez Aerodrome

    We are located from the Barranca Crossing in Puntarenas 15.4km road to Guanacaste until we reach the Diana Restaurant after this site 5.2km South Road to the Barrio Aranjuez in Pithaya, Puntarenas.

    10.055814, -84.799493