The Pacific Aero Residential


The “Pilot´s dream”

The Pacific Aero Residential has a 20-meter-wide and 800-meter-long, completely natural runway, an aircraft workshop, a skydiving school, powered paragliders, girocopters, hangars and 2 airplanes for rent, a pilot school for Ultralight, sanitary services, bathrooms, an inn, restaurant, electricity, drinking water and camping area.

Living Community

Staying in our Aero Residential means living with pilots from all over the world. We combines the advantages of a peaceful community surrounded by gorgeous wild nature. Aranjuez is just 15 miles away from Puntarenas, where you will find shops, restaurants, doctors and all the services and commodities of every day life.

Aranjuez Masterplan

Aero Residential encompasses 50 lots between 16,145 and 21,500 square feet: River Lots, Runway Lots and Flatlands View Lots. The lots are sold and inscribed in the Costa Rican property registry. You can buy not only a section of land but a share of the Runway as well, including common ground and service facilities, . Almost every lot is linked to the runway.

Building Style

Build the house of your dreams with your aircraft parked on the backyard. Property owners can build according to their own requirement – according to a few general aesthtical guidelines, that will preserve a consistant style throughout the airpark. We will help you to find construction partners at your request from local builders.

Services and Activities

Pacific Aero Residential offer a wide range of aerial tours: plane tours, skydiving, paratriking and girocopters. Book now and fly with us!. We are all year round center of activities and tours. Aranjuez is 1 hour away from Monteverde and 20 min. away from Puntarenas beach.

Aircraft and Pilot Info

We have everything you need for your vacations and airplane care: hangars, grassy runaway, tours, pristine river and accomodation available: hotel, restaurant and campervan installations. Also we have an aircraft ROTAX service workshop with an guaranteed aircraft mechanic.

About Costa Ricans culture

With its lack of war, long life expectancy and relatively sturdy economy, Costa Rica enjoys the highest standard of living in Central America. For the most part, Costa Ricans live fairly affluent and comfortable lives, even by North American standards.



Pacific Aero Residential

We are located from the Barranca Crossing in Puntarenas 15.4km road to Guanacaste until we reach the Diana Restaurant after this site 5.2km South Road to the Barrio Aranjuez in Pitahaya, Puntarenas.