Aranjuez Airpark Fest

Whatever you want to see, be it on land, sea or in the air there will be plenty to keep you entertained this year. As well as flying displays throughout the afternoon and early evening there will be so much more to see across the whole area including a great air meeting, exhibitions, skydivers, girocopters, helicopters, paramotors, zone of BBQs, the newly Aranjuez air village, product sampling from a multitude of traders and of course the traditional Air Funfair.

For years flying in this country has been listed as an activity for a wealthy elite and high risk taker. However, thanks to the development of new technologies, the manufacture of much safer and easily accessible aircraft is being achieved. Achieving so that this elite of dreamers with free flight increases every day, that is why we decided to develop the AEROCLUB, sanctuary of the Costa Rican light aviation and home that houses all the basic facilities for the good development of our great passion for free flight

The Aeroclub del Aranjuez has a 20-meter-wide and 800-meter-long, completely natural runway, an aircraft workshop, a skydiving school, hangars and 2 airplanes for rent, a pilot school for Ultralight, sanitary services, bathrooms, an inn, restaurant, electricity, drinking water and camping area.

We are located from the Barranca Crossing in Puntarenas 15.4km road to Guanacaste until we reach the Diana Restaurant after this site 5.2km South Road to the Barrio Aranjuez in Pithaya, Puntarenas.

Location: 10.055814, -84.799493